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A little of this and a little of that in Religious Education and beyond…

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Dec 13, 2013

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Pageant!– Please come out for this year’s winter holiday pageant- “Christmas Across the Continents”.  Caryn Phillips, Alicia Harabin and a slew of other helping hands are bringing together another fun and festive pageant!  The grand performance will be on Sunday Dec 22 as a multi-generational worship service.  Dress rehearsal will be during children’s chapel on Dec 15.  And we are trying an optional rehearsal on Wednesday Dec 18 for anyone looking for some extra practice in the sanctuary itself- and pizza!
Bringing ideas to life– As it would be easier for people to share their ideas on a UUCSH after school program via an online document than a paper document, I took what Aidan O’Connell had started on paper and put it into an online document.  Please add your ideas and indicate your willingness to participate here.  I would like to continue to facilitate the development of people’s ideas- and if enough momentum builds for something- we can make it happen!  UUCSH’s recent sandwich making episodes are an example of one person’s idea catching on with others and becoming a success!  While not every idea may come to action, nor will every action become a permanent fixture, the more we experiment and innovate, the more likely we are to make an impact on our surrounding community.
Religious Education in 2014– While 2013 comes to a close, 2014 will be here soon enough and Religious Education classes and chapels continue into the new year.  Please sign up to help in classes or chapels where you see volunteer gaps still open.  And if a particular lesson plan or subject speaks to you, get in touch with the volunteers that day to join the team.  Schedule info is also noted on the dry erase board in the foyer each week and on paper schedules in each classroom.
UUCSH WANTS YOU…for “Snack Sergeant”– Inspired by the alliteration of “Coffee Captain”, I’m going with “Snack Sergeant” for overseer of children’s snack set up, service, breakdown and cleanup.  A number of “can do” helping hands have been taking initiative each week to set up children’s snack, juice, and water.  To facilitate the scheduling of such service work, please commit here so that there is coverage for each week.  Older children, youth, and adults can work as teams- or “squads”- to make it an easier activity and share the duties of snack!