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A Question I always wanted to ask minister/DLFD continued, part 1…

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Feb 8, 2016

Worship service on Sunday February 7, 2016 was of the more unconventional sort in that children, youth, and adults in attendance (or via email in advance) submitted questions for Rev. Jennifer Kelleher and me to respond to.  Alas, neither the time for all ages/questions from all ages, nor Rev. Jennifer’s opportunity later in the service allowed for all of the questions to be answered as fully was we/you may have liked.  And so I’ll add a few more responses to the questions I did get to verbally respond to, as well as those I did not see.

The first question was a great warm-up question, “What is your favorite book?”
My response was The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.  I first read it when I was 23 or 24, and it was a part of a book read the young adult group did when I was at the UU Church of Corpus Christi TX.  By divine inspiration and/or coincidence I read it just as I was in the midst of major life and career change discernment.  I have re-read The Alchemist multiple times since, passed copies along to others, including my former Confirmation mentor who in turn has recommended it to many more!  It is a fairly easy read that details the journey a young shepherd embarks upon to find his “treasure” and the realization of his “personal legend”.

I also added another book- or trilogy of books- among my favorites/influential: The Lord of the Rings trilogy (and The Hobbit).  It would seem in both The Alchemist and LoTR/Hobbit books that I am drawn to tales of adventure and discovery!  I should probably finally read some Joseph Campbell

So…what’s your favorite book and why?  Was it so good, so meaningful that you recommended it to a friend or family member?  Just as there are six sources of the living tradition of Unitarian Universalism, does your favorite book serve as one of YOUR sources for values, beliefs, philosophies of living?