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A Time For All Ages follow-up: 08MAY16- Skateboard Mom!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written May 24, 2016

The time for all ages on Sunday May 8, 2016- Mother’s Day- was a telling of the story, “Skateboard Mom“!
Are you a skateboard mom?  Do you know of any skateboard moms?
Maybe, maybe not…

To briefly recap, as the 8 yr old boy in the story is opening his skateboard birthday present, his mom’s eyes light up at the sight of it, and she quickly grabs a helmet and hops on the skateboard.  Turns out, she was quite the prolific skate boarder back in the day!  The boy gets an idea to use his savings to buy his mom a new skateboard so they can skateboard together!

As May’s theme is blessing, this story is a reminder to find the blessings we can share with our mothers- or those who served in a “mothering” role- which can apply to a lot of important people in our lives.  Moreover, how can we create new memories of blessings with the next generation?