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A Time For All Ages follow up 15MAY16: John Murray and Thomas Potter!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written May 24, 2016

Rev. Jennifer Kelleher re-told a familiar Unitarian Universalist story- of particular Universalist importance- as the time for all ages on Sunday May 15, 2016.
This was the story of Rev. John Murray’s encounter- some say miraculous encounter- with Thomas Potter, in New Jersey.
You can read a version of the story here.

After suffering many hardships and setbacks while in England, John Murray sought to start over in America- heading to New York while ending up stuck on the Jersey shore for a short time.  While there he met Thomas Potter- who had built a chapel in the hopes that a minster would come to preach the Universalist message of a loving God.  Thomas Potter declared John Murray to be that minister- though John was skeptical as his preaching of that message had fallen flat in England…

Their encounter proved to be a blessing on both their lives and many others as John Murray did preach in Thomas Potter’s chapel- and came back and preached many more times up and down the east coast, planting the seeds of Universalism in America.
Thomas Potter reminds us that it is in our power to bless the grounds we walk on, to create a welcoming presence for those who arrive at our doors.