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A Time For All Ages follow-up for 24APR16

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 25, 2016

Many thanks to Lexi Ryan and her daughter Rachel Ryan for their presentation of the time for all ages on Sunday April 24!
Lexi shared a photo and story of a particular place in nature that has special meaning for her and has been a source of fond memories.  Lexi recently brought Rachel to see that grand old hollowed out tree for herself.  See photos below!

Many in attendance could identify with certain places in nature that hold special meaning and have produced fond memories for themselves.
While some aspects of nature can be a bit intimidating or scary at first- like bees- let us not be deterred to experience and protect nature because of that.  Rachel donned her honey bee wings to remind us of that!
Here are some wondering questions for your reflection and follow up…

I wonder what is a place in nature that has special meaning for you?

I wonder why it has special meaning for you?

I wonder if it’s a place you like to be by yourself, or with others?

I wonder if you get to visit that place often, if it still exists, or if it needs some tender loving care so it will still be there for you, and for generations to come?

I wonder what each of us is doing to make sure those places in nature are available for everyone to make special meaning and special memories?
Rachel tree 1Rachel tree 2rachel honey bee