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A Time for All Ages follow up March 27

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 18, 2016

It seemed UUCSH was blessed with several guests on Sunday March 27, 2016- Easter Sunday.
Mr. B handed over the mic for a time for all ages to Mr. Sheep- who offered an alternate version and understanding of the classic Biblical parable of the lost sheep.  It seems the perspective of the sheep in the story has been lost to history, and Mr. Sheep wanted to set the record straight.

To briefly recap, it seems there wasn’t just one “lost sheep” but many sheep that had been excluded from the herd due to the fact that they had horns.  Those without horns made those with horns feel badly about themselves.  Not only would individual sheep pick on the sheep with horns, but the sheep with horns were excluded from the best pastures and watering holes.  While the sheep with horns organized and agitated for a long time to gain equal access, it was still a struggle to be accepted.
However, some of the sheep without horns began to recognize the unfairness of separating sheep without horns from sheep with horns.
In time, all sheep came back together and they restructured their herd norms to be fair and equal for all.
Mr. Sheep urged all of us humans to think of that story and how it applies to present day human circumstances and conflict.

And just at the end of the worship service we had a brief appearance by the Easter Bunny to wish us well on our Easter Egg Hunt after service!  Many thanks to all who made the Easter Egg Hunt a success.easter1easter2easter3easter4

"Mr. Sheep"

“Mr. Sheep”

"Easter Bunny"

“Easter Bunny”