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A UU campus ministry at Rutgers University? Possibly…

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Sep 3, 2014

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I want to share and build on some excitement and momentum that is being gathered around a possible Unitarian Universalist Campus ministry to and with the students, faculty, and staff of Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ.

What started with an expressed interest by an incoming Rutgers senior led to a couple of conference calls, bringing together interested parties for such a campus ministry endeavor, including lay leaders and staff from area congregations, as well as support and encouragement from district and association staff.

A handful of UUs will peruse the tables at the upcoming Student Involvement Fair Friday September 5.  Though we won’t have a table of our own, we hope to learn what other campus chaplaincies are doing and possibly make some connections.

While not at a point to apply for on campus chaplaincy status, UUCSH is now listed as an affiliated congregation!  Albeit with my name and UUCSH’s website misspelled…working on getting that corrected…But it’s a start!

Now I would really love to hear more ideas from members of UUCSH as to what you’d like to see for a UU campus ministry at Rutgers- and especially if there are ways you’d be willing to support it- whether through supporting on or near campus activities in some way, or lending support from afar.  Please share your ideas here.

Consider what you have found most meaningful and inspirational from your experiences of UUCSH- and how can that be created for the students, faculty, and staff of Rutgers!
Over the years UUCSH has seen graduating high school seniors bridge into young adulthood and off to Rutgers University- and will likely do so in the future as well!  And surely there are other UUs at Rutgers coming from other congregations in state and out of state that would benefit from a UU presence on campus.  Not to mention the inevitable “UUs who don’t know they are UUs yet” crowd at Rutgers!
Thanks for helping to bring the UU message to Rutgers!

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