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Artwork Exhibit Policy

UUCSH Artwork Exhibit Policy

Art can move us emotionally, help connect us to others and their experiences, and encourage us to ponder unseen mysteries. We strive to bring high quality artwork to the walls of our sanctuary. We invite and encourage artists to exhibit their work to enhance the religious experience of the congregation through artistic expressions.

Exhibit Proposals
Requests for displaying art or decorative items must be made on the Exhibit Request Form, which must be submitted electronically or via mail to the Aesthetic Committee. The Exhibit Request form must be submitted with photos or digital images of the artwork to be displayed. The request and images can be emailed to or mailed to the Aesthetics Committee Chair, UUCSH, 123 E. Cliff St., Somerville NJ  08876. The request will be evaluated by the Aesthetics Committee and, if approved, will be signed by the Chair of the UUCSH Aesthetic Committee or designee. Exhibits are usually held at least 4 months from receipt of the Exhibit Request Form.

Exhibition Selection
Local artists and art organizations, from amateur to professional, are invited to exhibit. Lenders may also submit requests to display pieces from their collections. The gallery will focus primarily on two-dimensional works. In selecting exhibits, the UUCSH Aesthetics Committee will take into consideration:
•    Quality of artwork, as seen in photos, digital images or the actual artwork presented for review
•    Overall UUCSH community interest
•    Appropriateness for an intergenerational spiritual community
•    Relevance to UUCSH worship themes and/or UU principles
•    Dates of previous UUCSH exhibits by the same artist, lender, or organization
•    Dates of previous UUCSH exhibits of similar items or topics
•    Special needs, costs, or requests associated with proposed exhibits

The UUCSH Aesthetics Committee commits to be thoughtful and sensitive in choosing works of art to be displayed in our gallery.

1.    Prior to installation, with the Exhibit Request Form, UUCSH requires the submission of photos of the artwork to be displayed. Works cannot be substituted for those previewed without approval from the Aesthetics Committee chair or designee.
2.    The artist/lender may deliver the artwork up to two days prior to the opening of the exhibit and must remove the artwork no more than two days after the closing. The UUCSH does not have adequate storage areas to store artwork for longer periods. The artist /lender is responsible for any applicable shipping fees.
3.    All works must arrive framed and ready for installation, unless an exception is approved by the Aesthetics Chair or designee.
4.    Any costs associated with special installation or display needs must be pre-approved by the Aesthetics Chair and borne by the artist/lender. The artist/lender acknowledges that no changes in existing lighting are possible.
5.    The artist/lender acknowledges that the UUCSH sanctuary is not temperature controlled during non-worship hours; therefore, the space can become quite warm or cold.
6.    All artwork must be hung from the existing art rail with wires and hooks. No nails, screws, tape or putty may be used. The walls must be left in the condition they were found in. It is the responsibility of the artist/lender to pay for repairs to correct any damage occurring during installation or takedown.
7.    UUCSH will create and provide wall labels for each piece of art displayed. The label will include the artist’s name, title of the piece, medium, and an indication of whether the piece is for sale via direct communication with the artist/lender. No sale prices will be permitted on the labels.
8.    The artist/lender name, the title of the work, and the artist/lender address and phone number should appear on a label on the back of each work of art.
9.    The artist/lender will meet with the UUCSH Aesthetics Chair or designee to install the artwork in the sanctuary. The artist/lender takes responsibility for ensuring that the artwork is securely installed.
10.    UUCSH also has the right to refuse to hang any art that is deemed too heavy for our existing art rail to support.
11.    UUCSH reserves the right to remove or refuse to install any artwork deemed unsuitable for church display.

Exhibition Presentation and Dismantling
1.    Exhibits will run for one month, except with the approval of the Aesthetics Chair or designee.
2.    All works of art must remain on display until the scheduled end of the exhibition.
3.    The artist/lender will meet with the Chair or designee to dismantle the exhibit. Artist/lenders must remove artwork from the UUCSH no later than two days after the end of the exhibit unless the artist/lender has made written arrangements with the UUCSH prior to the exhibit.
4.    If prior written arrangements for storage are not made, UUCSH will charge the artist/lender a storage fee of $10.00 per day, per piece of art, after the second day. After one month, the artwork will become property of the UUCSH, which will retain the right to retain, display, donate or sell the artwork at its discretion.

1.    Eight weeks prior to the opening of an exhibit, the artist/lender must submit an artist’s/lender’s statement, resume, and digital photo of one of the pieces to be displayed.
2.    UUCSH will send announcements concerning upcoming exhibits to local media and to the appropriate church and community calendars, and gallery listings.
3.    Any publicity produced by the artist/lender must be approved by UUCSH prior to distribution.

1.    Artwork on display may be sold by the artist; however, UUCSH will neither promote nor negotiate sales.
2.    No prices will be displayed in the gallery.
3.    At the artist’s request, we will run a blurb in our Order of Service with the comment: “All works on display are available for sale by the artist, who can be reached at…”  If pieces on display are not for sale, that notation will be added to the label.
4.    UUCSH neither expects nor requires the artist to pay a commission on any sales generated by the exhibit.
5.    All works of art must remain on display at UUCSH, even if sold, until the exhibit’s scheduled closing date.

1.    UUCSH cannot be responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged artwork.
2.    UUCSH does not insure artwork on display. The UUCSH encourages the artist/lender to obtain an insurance policy rider for the duration of the exhibit.
3.    The artist/lender accepts that the exhibit is in a public space that is not continuously monitored.
4.    Artwork shipped to UUCSH will remain in the shipping container until the artist/lender is onsite for installation. When the materials are unwrapped, they will be inspected by the artist/lender and the Aesthetics Chair or designee. In writing, any scratches, accidental markings, etc. acquired before or during shipment/delivery will be photographed and logged with the signature of the Chair/designee and the artist/lender. Copies will be retained in UUCSH files and provided to the artist upon request.
5.    The artist/lenders will be required to complete and sign a waiver/release of UUCSH liability before any works of art are exhibited.

Cancellation of Exhibits
The UUCSH Aesthetics Committee reserves the right to cancel any exhibit should unforeseen conditions or situations arise. The artist/lender is expected to honor the commitment to exhibit during the specified time period.

Approved August 2013