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Access Project Blog 10March2015

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Mar 10, 2015

It’s now the exciting part of the project where things are really starting to look finished!  Thank you for your continued patience as these finishing touches are under way.  It’s been great to see folks have enjoying Coffee Hour in Fellowship Hall.

The painting is largely finished, including in Fellowship Hall.  The photo above is of the minister’s new office.  The painting is largely finished–save for some trim paint and touch-ups.  All of the lighting fixtures have been put in as well–on the sanctuary level, the parking lot level, and in Fellowship Hall.  The only thing missing on the sanctuary level is the carpeting, which should arrive before next week’s blog post.

Emergency Lighting Fixture 10March15

The exit signs and emergency lights have also been installed.  They’re pretty sleek, no?!  The lights in the parking lot are on motion sensors to both save energy and show consideration for our neighbors.  The new restroom signs will have braille writing to be ADA-compliant.


Women’s room 10March15

Toilets were installed in the new restrooms last week as well.  We are waiting for the floor to be bone dry before applying the epoxy coating to the restroom floors.  Don’t worry; there will be wall dividers between the stalls!


Filling in bricks on the former side entrance 10March15

On the outside of the building, the masons are working on closing up the space where the side door and stairs were. They are using bricks that were saved from the rear of the building before it was demolished. As a result, they’ll blend in perfectly!

For the time being, the only access to the building is through the front doors.  The elevator is being custom made for us.  It is almost finished being built and will be installed as soon as possible.  The rear doors are useable in the event of an emergency.

Since the new section of the building is still under construction, we kindly ask that you resist the temptation to explore the new space, as a matter of safety.

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