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Access Project Udpate 24 Nov 14: Things taking shape

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Nov 25, 2014

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Framing has begun

Framing has begun!

Last week in the UUCSH Accessibility project, the framing of the addition began in full force, as you see in the above photos.  This is expected to be completed within about two weeks.  The congregation’s hot water heater was also changed to a high-efficiency, direct-vented unit.

Effective immediately, there will be no parking in the UUCSH parking lot.   The entry driveway will be closed off.   Those with special needs may still park in the side lot adjacent to the side-entry stairs.  They should enter through the exit driveway.  This will last a few weeks while construction debris makes it unsafe for entry (by car or foot) into the parking lot.  Please respect these boundaries.

In the last week, Fellowship Hall was further cleared of furniture and supplies.  Items have been stored in the 3rd floor storage area, and behind partitions in Fellowship Hall.  If you are looking for something, please note there are signs on the partition walls indicating where to find

Fellowship Hall Cleared 24Nov14

Fellowship Hall Cleared 24Nov14

things (tables, chairs, art supplies, paper goods, etc.).  Having Fellowship Hall cleared will allow the construction crews to work on creating walls for the new classrooms when it best suits their schedule.  

For now, the nursery space is still available for Sundays.  The nursery (for children under age 3) will be available for as long as we can safely provide this service.  Please see your email and this blog for updates on nursery availability.  

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