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Access Project Update 07Jan2015

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Jan 7, 2015

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Last week in the UUCSH Access Project, the following progress was made:

  • Siding was completed on the addition.
  • The new classrooms were spackled and sanded.
  • Columns to provide proper support for the new structure were completed.
  • The Fellowship Hall wall that used to be the front of the minister’s and DLFD’s offices was removed.
  • The Aesthetics and Access Committee decided on flooring for the new section of the building.

Siding is complete on the building addition!

The Committee felt strongly that the flooring should be compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.  The new flooring will be beautiful, slip-resistant, and ADA-compliant.  I’m proud of the thoughtful consideration that our UUCSH Access Committee has given to the choices in the project that might improve the physical experience for our members, friends, and visitors.

The classrooms are scheduled to be completed the week of January 12.  We will be looking for volunteers to wipe down the items that have been stored and move them to their new homes in the classrooms.  Interested?  Email or call me or Anthony Thompson.

If all goes well, we will resume Sunday School classes and nursery care (children less than 3 years old) on Sunday, January 18.  Thanks to Director of Lifespan Faith Development Chris Buja for his understanding and flexibility during this process!

We cannot hold Coffee Hour until we have two means of exiting the building from the first floor, due to Fire Code occupancy standards…just a couple more weeks!

There are a few places where the project has gone over the budgeted amount, and we’ve faced unanticipated expenses of replacing the roof and the boiler.  As has been reported previously, the contingency for this project was exhausted before the project began.  Additional contributions toward capital projects–present and future–would be most appreciated. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Fellowship Hall with wall removed.  The plastic divides old from new.

Fellowship Hall with wall removed. The clear plastic divides old from new. Classrooms are to the right.