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Access Project Update 10Dec14

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Dec 10, 2014

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Exterior framing at UUCSH complete

Exterior framing at UUCSH complete

FLEXIBILITY is the word of the month at UUCSH!

I am thrilled to report the progress of the Access project.  The exterior framing is complete on the addition.  This week, crews will be working to frame the three new classrooms in

Fellowship Hall cleared and ready for new classroom walls

Fellowship Hall cleared and ready for new classroom walls

Fellowship Hall.  After that, the roof will be put on, weather permitting.  Thanks to Anthony T. and the dozen other helpers that have helped to clear out Fellowship Hall and the reading rooms.  These UUCSH members and friends have put in hours and hours to move, organize, and protect our things to prepare for the next phase.

In addition to the creation of new classrooms, another big part of the next phase of the work is to connect the addition to the old building.  That will involve breaking through the back wall and removing the rear stairs in Fellowship Hall.  Once that happens, we are bound by the Fire Code to not have more than 49 people assemble in Fellowship Hall because there will only be one means of egress (exiting).

Important to note:

  1. The rear parking lot is now available.   Exercise caution as it is still a construction area.  Please continue to reserve the spaces in the side lot for those with mobility issues (Special Needs).
  2. We will not be able to offer an enclosed nursery space for at least the remainder of the month.  All families are welcome to remain in the sanctuary and take any breaks in the foyer as they feel inclined to do.  There is a radio with the audio feed from the sanctuary by the nametag board.
  3. Sunday, December 14 will be the last week that we can have Coffee Hour in Fellowship Hall, for at least one month.

The congregation’s leadership is considering how we can maintain our Christmas Eve cookie tradition.  I will provide updates once a decision is made.

We are more than half way through this accessibility project.  We have all had to exercise flexibility and understanding during this time of transition.  Many thanks to everyone for their support and understanding!