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Access Project Update 16December 2014

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Dec 16, 2014

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New roof at UUCSH 12Dec2014

New roof at UUCSH 12Dec2014

Last week, there was a LOT of activity on the UUCSH Access project!  The crews:

  • replaced the roof on the existing church building and put the roof on the addition.
  • installed the windows in the addition.
  • framed the new classrooms in Fellowship Hall
  • removed the stairs leading from Fellowship Hall to the 2nd floor.
  • removed the stairs leading to the 3rd floor storage.
  • demolished the 2nd floor restroom, and three reading rooms.
  • broke through the walls between the existing building and the addition.

Classrooms framed in Fellowship Hall. The room was set up for the December 14 Sunday worship service.

What does this mean for us?
Restrooms.  There are two restrooms on the first floor.  There is no longer a restroom on the second floor.
Nursery.  We will not be able to offer an enclosed nursery space for at least the remainder of December.
Coffee Hour.  Fire code regulations prohibit having more than 49 people on the first floor unless we have two means of exiting.  So, there will be no Coffee Hour for at least a few weeks.
Christmas Eve.  Folks are asked to BRING COOKIES to the December 21 Sunday worship service.  They will be lovingly repackaged and distributed after the 4:30pm and 6:30pm Christmas Eve services. See the announcement about Christmas Eve on the front page of this web site.

Regularly-scheduled meetings will be held in Fellowship Hall.  Consult with your group leader, as we are currently recommending that people enter the building using the front stairs.  The only way to get to Fellowship Hall is via the stairs at the front of the building.

The stairs from 2nd floor to Fellowship Hall were in this space.  They have been removed.

The stairs from 2nd floor to Fellowship Hall were in this space. They have been removed.