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Access Project Update 18 Nov 2014

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Nov 18, 2014

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Thanks to Anthony T. who agreed to head up the “Moving Stuff Ministry” Team at UUCSH.  The refrigerator and microwave oven have been moved out of the “kitchenette” area and are now in Fellowship Hall near the large TV.  This is not their final destination.  Like many things for the next two months, this is a temporary location.

You’ll notice that Reverend Kelleher and Chris Buja have also moved.  They now are using DSC03728the space that had been the nursery for their office space.  The nursery space was successfully moved to the opposite corner of Fellowship Hall.  Due to space constraints in the coming weeks, it is possible that UUCSH will not be able to provide a separate nursery space.  Please keep checking the weekly email and this blog for updates.  You can always check in with Mr. B. or me directly.

More moving will be taking place in the next week.  In order for the builder to construct the classrooms on the east side (nearest the exit driveway) of Fellowship Hall, we need to move everything out of that space.  Classroom materials will be packed up and stored–likely on the west side (close to the nursery) of Fellowship Hall, but we are considering alternate storage possibilities.  Thankfully, there are no RE classes scheduled until after the new year.  For the remainder of this year, it will be multi-generational services and children’s chapels to prepare for the holiday pageant.

Last week, the concrete slab got poured for the addition.  The builder and crew have been working on the HVAC.  It’s a fairly complicated re-work that we are undergoing.  For the next few weeks, they will not be able to complete the venting for the new furnaces.  During that time, in order to have adequate air flow in the furnace room, the window in the room will be cracked open at various times.  If you happen to be in the furnace room, please leave the window as you found it (closed or open).  If you have a question or concern, contact Missy Staples, whose contact information is in the UUCSH Directory.

Of course, you are welcome to speak to me or any member of the Access Committee any time about the project.  The next Congregational Update meeting will be Sunday, December 7; we can talk about the Access project then as well.