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Access Project Update 21May2015

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written May 21, 2015

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Fire pull station in UUCSH front foyer

Fire pull station in UUCSH front foyer

I’m pleased to report that Superior Security Systems has made excellent progress on installing the fire safety system required at UUCSH.  A team of five people worked all day, starting at about 7am today, and the work is almost finished.  There are now two fire pulls–one at the front, and one at the rear of the building.  There are several hard-wired heat and smoke detectors near all elevator entrances and in the mechanical rooms.  A new phone line was installed to connect to the monitored fire security system.  There are strobe light alarms in the sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and all the restrooms.

Fire alarm station, ground level, UUCSH

Fire alarm station, ground level, UUCSH

Fire pull at rear (ground level) exit, UUCSH

Fire pull at rear (ground level) exit, UUCSH, 21May2015

Hardwired smoke and heat detector, UUCSH, 21May2015

One of several smoke and heat detectors at UUCSH, 21May2015

The work is expected to be completed tomorrow, May 22.  Once complete, our builder will schedule an inspection with the Somerville Fire Marshall.  Two more inspections will need to take place:  an elevator inspection (by the state of NJ), and our final inspection by the Borough of Somerville.  Once we pass the final inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued and we will be able to use the elevator and our new spaces.

If you are in the care of or presence of children, please make sure that they do not touch any of our new equipment.  These items are sure to be of interest to curious young people.

Updates will be posted here as new information is available.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to finish up the final details to make our elevator and new spaces at UUCSH useable.