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Access Project Update 29Jan2015

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Jan 29, 2015

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Good news on the Access Project!  We passed the electrical and plumbing inspections from last week.  The new stairs have been installed and, as of this writing, we are awaiting the

DSC03975framing inspection.  Once that hurdle is made, the crews can insulate and sheetrock the walls.
The new oak stairs are great!  They have a gentle rise–11″ stairs and a 7″ rise–so they are comfortable to walk up.  Even though they are installed, they aren’t easily to get to, and there are no walls or hand rails yet so they’re not really safe to use.  So, we’ll be holding off having Coffee Hour following Sunday services for one more week.  Coffee Hour is expected to resume on Sunday, February 8.

Insulation between wood pieces at rear door of UUCSH

Accessibility is the primary purpose of this project, but I’m delighted that we are adding energy efficiencies as well.  As has been reported here previously, all the heating and central air conditioning units at UUCSH have been replaced with high-efficiency models.  Some of the units were over 30 years old.  The new units are much more efficient.
The builder shared with me how they add foam insulation in the areas where air could seep in.  This photo shows the foam in between pieces of wood surrounding the new rear door at UUCSH.

I also got a sneak peak at the third floor storage area.  See the photo to the right.  We will have plenty of DSC03978room to store things there.  If organizing is a ministry you are called to, please let me know.  We’ll have plenty of work to do the second half of February!


What does this mean for activities at UUCSH?
Coffee Hour:  Due to fire code regulations, we will not have Coffee Hour after Sunday services until at least February 8.  Stay tuned!
Rest rooms:  There are two restrooms on the first (Fellowship Hall) level.  One must use stairs to access them.
Parking:  Please save the spaces in the congregation’s side lot for those with special needs/mobility concerns.
Funding:  There are a few places where the project has gone over the budgeted amount, and we’ve faced unanticipated expenses of replacing the roof and the boiler.  As has been reported previously, the contingency for this project was exhausted before the project began.  Additional contributions toward capital projects would be most appreciated.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.