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Access Project Update 30Dec2014

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Dec 30, 2014


Rear door and sidelights installed on the UUCSH addition, 24Dec2014

It was a short work week with the Christmas holiday.
Last week in the UUCSH Access Project:

  • The back door and sidelights were installed.  It’s the same rear door that used to be on the back of the building.  We are re-using items where possible.
  • The crew finished the Tyvek wrapping and started putting siding on the addition.
  • The classroom walls got a first coat of tape and spackle.
  • The Aesthetics and Access Committees reviewed various options for floor coverings, considering ones that are ADA-compliant.

There are a few places where the project has gone, or may go, over the budgeted amount, and we’ve faced unanticipated expenses of replacing the roof and the boiler.  As has been reported previously, the contingency for this project was exhausted before the project began.  Additional contributions toward capital projects–present and future–would be most appreciated.

How is the construction impacting our activities at UUCSH?
Parking.  Please reserve spaces in the side lot for those with mobility challenges (special needs).  The rear lot is available, but it is to be used at one’s own risk as it remains a construction zone.
Entry. People may enter through the side or front doors.  Access to Fellowship Hall is only via the stairs at the front of the building.
Restrooms.  There are two restrooms on the first floor.  There is no longer a restroom on the second floor.
Nursery.  We will not be able to offer an enclosed nursery space until January 11 or 18.
Coffee Hour.  Fire code regulations prohibit having more than 49 people on the first floor unless we have two means of exiting.  New staircases are being constructed but aren’t ready yet. So, there will be no Coffee Hour for a few weeks.