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At one with me, at one with us, a Yom Kippur prayer

Author Rev. Jennifer, Written Oct 3, 2014

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Spirit of Life and Love, deep abiding energy of the universe, g*d of our hearts

Be at one with me.

I sit grateful in the quiet of this sun-filled afternoon as the breeze blows about the first of the autumn’s falling leaves outside. A clock chimes in my neighborhood.

Gentler than the shofar blast and yet still an insistent call to stop and breath and think and feel

I have spent much of this week in scattered reflection as I rushed from one task, one city, one activity to the next, I have flittingly acknowledged:

the things of which trouble me in my words and deeds from the past year, or my lack of words and deeds, and too

the understanding that there are hurts perhaps still amiss amongst the energy of the universe that I may have caused unknowingly, there are injuries to people I did not realize I may have angered or saddened

Today, a few hours from dusk and the start of Yom Kippur

I ask for you, Spirit of Life, help me find a stillness and allow the piecemeal of these thoughts and emotions to find a wholeness, a sense of settling deeper in my core

With the whole of my heart, mind, body and spirit. I atone. I ask Spirit of Life and Love, as I reflect on the difficult

Atone=be at one with me.

For all of those in this sense of reflection. Be at one with us.

Help us to understand that this ritual of reflection does not need to be about guilt or shame or vengeance or striving for perfection or harsh judgement

That it might offer a time of thoughtfulness. Of truth-seeking. Of admittance.

At regular intervals on our journey it can be freeing to reflect on the ways in which we might be kinder, or accepting of challenge, or more deliberate,

And then resolve to keep trying, in the hope of freeing blockages that could keep us from moving forward in a sense of possibility.

Yom Kippur is time set aside for the possibility of deepened relationship…

With our loved ones

With our friends and neighbors

With our spiritual community

With ourselves and

With the Holy, in however we feel and claim that sense of connection to that which is greater than ourselves.

G*d of my heart, for the ways in which I may have caused pain, I am sorry.

In my atonement I shall seek: forgiveness from those individuals I’ve wronged, forgiveness from the earth in which I may have damaged, and forgiveness from myself. The last part can sometimes feels like the hardest one for many of us.

Be at one with me.

Be at one with us.

Return us to a path of physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Welcome us back.


Note: I have chose to represent the word god as g*d in preservation of the Jewish heritage of which I (partially) derive and in recognition and reverence that what I understand as spiritual connection is awesome, mysterious, full of wonder and could never fully be capsulated in one word.