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Back in the swing/baby bjorn of things!-Religious Education updates

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Aug 20, 2015

My paternity leave concluded Sunday August 9 and I was back in the UUCSH office Monday August 10 and 11.  Thanks again to all who made such extended paternity leave possible- it was a tremendous joy to spend so much extra time in the first month after Kyle was born!

No sooner had I gotten back into the office than I was out again- making a brief appearance at UUCSH’s 4H Food Booth on Wednesday August 11 before heading “down the shore” to Ocean Grove for the Philosophy of Religious Education Renaissance Module.  Renaissance modules are among the professional development opportunities for religious educators.  While I have taken many of them, the Philosophy of RE module had eluded me for many years due to conflicts of schedule or location.  At last I was able to take it- and Ocean Grove– aka “God’s Square Mile on the Jersey Shore”- wasn’t a bad place to be for it!  Will share some more from that experience in due time.

Wrapped up the module on Friday afternoon and closed out the day with 4H Food Booth breakdown- thanks to the many hands who made it arguably the “lightest work” it has been in my experience.

As August dwindles and September approaches, the new congregational year and religious education year beckon!

You can find the Religious Education Introduction brochure and the Class Descriptions for 2015-16 brochure in the pew pockets or on the table outside my office in Fellowship Hall.  Electronic versions will be emailed shortly as well as linked to the UUCSH website.
The Adult Faith Development brochure will be updated and disseminated in the near future.

Please help fill in the blanks on the Religious Education volunteer chart that is on newsprint in Fellowship Hall.  The volunteer commitment form is online here, and paper copies are available in fellowship hall.  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION WILL BE SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19!  9 a.m. bagels and coffee, 9:30 start, finish by noon.  Get to know your fellow volunteers and team members and plan out who’s leading and assisting when.  (note that some volunteers will be committed in advance to lead the first day of RE Classes on Sep 20)

And please update your children and youth’s registration, so the most up to date information is on file- whether this is a first registration or the umpteenth- please fill out the online or paper version.

I would encourage everyone to participate in the mission renewal process via the upcoming cottage meetings.  Indeed the process and results of that process will be very important in guiding religious education for children and youth and adult faith development!