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Bouquet of Blessings

Author Rev. Jennifer, Written Jun 16, 2015

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IMG_2283This blog post includes an invitation for reader participation. Please read on and learn how your insights and wisdom may be shared as part of our upcoming flower festival Sunday, June 21.

 “Blessing involves relationship. One does not bless without investing something of oneself into the receiver of one’s blessing. And one does not receive blessing oblivious of its gracious giver. A blessing spirituality is a relating spirituality. And if it is true that all of creation flows from a single, loving source, then all of creation is blessed and is a blessing.” – Matthew Fox

Last September we invited all those who attended the annual fall water communion ( to think of a blessing you’d like to gift yourself and the congregation. We each shared that blessing/best wish for the congregation as we shared the water we brought to add to our common bowl.

For example, the water I poured into our common bowl, which I choose with consideration, was from the tap here at 123 East Cliff Street—and with it I shared for each of you and the congregation as a whole—a blessing of imagination and vision.

The blessings/best wishes/affirmations poured into our bowl from members, friends and the other members on our staff team included: Connection to those you love (including yourself), Realized potential, Wisdom, Renewal & Hope, Tranquility, Perseverance, Love & Caring, Spirit & Memory, Playfulness, Adventure, Acceptance & Inspiration, Tenacity, Solitude, Passion, Creativity, A sense of purpose, Gratitude, Joy, Celebration, Laughter, Patience, Courage, Peace, Good health, Friendship, Nature & Care for Earth, Happiness, Time, Compassion, Healing, Balance, Being in the moment

As we approach our annual tradition of flower festival, to be held on June 21, I invite each of us to consider: “How did we experience one of the blessings bestowed above this past year in our personal lives and/or the life of the congregation?” Maybe you experienced “Joy” while teaching in our RE program or were witness to “Healing” as you supported the Caring Ministry or “Tenacity” during the time of our ACCESS renovation project. Maybe you experienced “Being in the Moment” during time with nature or a loved one or “Courage” while making a decision that brought with it great personal transition. I encourage you to share with the congregation an example of how a blessing you and the congregation received in September came to be during our June 21 worship service.

To do so, please send a brief description (2-3 sentences) of how you experienced the unfolding of one of these blessings to me at by this Thursday, June 18, 2015.

I look forward to sharing your examples of blessing and being blessed when we gather to celebrate our Flower Festival on Sunday.

Until then,With abiding love and many blessings, Rev. Jennifer