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Bridging Ceremony follow-up

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jun 22, 2016

Sunday June 12 was packed service!  The annual Flower Ceremony is always a big draw as was the inclusion of a new member recognition ceremony.
AND…the service included the Bridging Ceremony, to recognize the graduating high school seniors as they finish high school and begin a new chapter in their lives.  Congratulations again to UUCSH’s three bridgers!

I wanted to share some additional resources for those bridgers- and for anyone who knows a young adult UU or a young adult who may be UU but just not know it yet!

The UUA website has lots of links and resources specifically for those who will be at colleges and universities.

There is a facebook group with a link that maps out where various types of campus ministries are located.  And one more group as well.

The Blue Boat Blog
is a great source of news and updates on youth and young adult related happenings.

Campus ministry is only one subset of the many sub-categories of “young adult” and more resources can be found here.

And wherever you may go on your young adult journey, be it near or far from Somerville NJ, remember that UUCSH is always there to support you and will welcome you with open arms whenever you are in the area!