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Bridging Ceremony for Graduating High School Seniors!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written May 30, 2013

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On Sunday June 16 as we celebrate flower communion we will also celebrate a major life transition for our graduating high school seniors through the Bridging Ceremony.  The bridging ceremony is a way to mark the transition from youth into young adulthood.  Kathryn Levin, Adam Ludwigsen, and Trenton White are this year’s “bridgers”.  This is an opportunity to wish them well on their continuing journeys both near and far.  They will always have roots in the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills and a home in Unitarian Universalism.

Let us also take this occasion to renew our commitment to both sides of the bridge from youth to young adulthood.  The FLASH Youth Group led a wonderful worship service earlier in the year and has been active with meetings, lock-ins, and connecting with youth at district events.  We continue to look for ways to integrate youth into the life of the congregation that are meaningful and relevant to them.

What about ministries to and with young adults?  As we hope wherever our bridgers go there will be a Unitarian Universalist community to welcome them- whether in another local congregation, an online presence, or a campus ministry.  UUCSH has seen a number of twenty somethings and thirty somethings darken its doors, what more can be done to attract, retain, and help them grow with the congregation?  Moreover, how can UUCSH go out and meet them where they are at?  Might there be a UU or two at Rutgers University or Raritan Valley Community College?  If they can’t come to us, let’s bring the UU message to them!

Please let me know of other ideas you have for ministering to and with youth and young adults!