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Children’s Chapel 24APR16

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 25, 2016

Children’s chapel on Sunday April 24, 2016 continued the exploration started with that day’s time for all ages and the overall monthly theme of what it means to be a people of creation.

After singing Spirit of Life with sign language, creating our felt chalice, singing one of our 7 Principles songs, we did a few simple yoga poses we learned earlier this month as an example of a creative practice people have created.

Throughout the month the children have explored physical/spiritual practices, heard different cultural/religious creation stories, and done different activity workshops to learn about the many meanings of creation and being a people of creation.

We read one more story, called Making the World, a reminder that we are a part of the interdependent web of existence and that the world is still being created and we are some of the creators in that ongoing process.

In following up with the time for all ages, children got to share places in nature that have special meaning and memories for them, and then place a rock in a large chalice that contributed to a large altar to nature including the dry erase board, and bulletin boards where adults could share what they wrote or drew on the pieces of paper they received in worship.

While our makeshift altar was rather grandiose for coffee hour purposes, you can create your own altar at home on a much smaller scale.  Check out this insert from a previous UU World on creating altars and other sacred spaces in your own home.
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