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Children’s Chapel follow-up 05JUN16: Flowers are “blooming”!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jun 7, 2016

Children’s Chapel on Sunday June 5, 2016 was a grand preparing for the Flower Celebration on Sunday June 12!

After creating the felt chalice, singing one of our 7 Principles Songs, Spirit of Life, and practicing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” for the children’s choir, we re-told the story of Rev. Dr. Norbert Capek’s creation of the Flower Celebration.  You can read the story here.

Following the story, we set to work in creating tissue paper flowers- both large and small, of many colors!  Here are the directions if you’d like to try making some more at home.
Having honed their flower making skills during children’s chapel, the children and youth were then able to show the adults coming in to Coffee Hour how it is done.  Thank you to all who helped make so many paper tissue flowers that will be on display in the sanctuary for this coming Sunday, June 12.

Remember to bring some real flowers to contribute to the celebration and then you’ll be able to take home a different flower than the one you brought.