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Congregational Update Meetings

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Nov 3, 2014

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chalice on wallLast year, the Board of Trustees started holding bi-monthly Congregational Update meetings as a way to increase communication with the congregation.  The meetings take place on a Sunday after the service, and typically last 30 – (no more than) 45 minutes.  Attendance at these meetings has ranged from 15 to 25 people.  There’s always a time for questions and answers.
These informal sessions serve as a vehicle to have two-way communication regarding important happenings at UUCSH.  With the Accessibility project going on, we’ve increased the frequency of the meetings to be able to address questions and concerns that people might have.
UUCSH is bustling this year with a few big projects and initiatives.  Yesterday’s Congregational Update Meeting covered the following:

  1. Small yet important ways to support various UUCSH ministries such in areas such as coffee, recycling, and supporting Religious Education programs.
  2. Progress on the ACCESS project and what to look forward to in the coming month (hint: it’s may feel a bit cluttered for a couple months)
  3. The “Got Purpose?” Mission Retreat day that is coming up on December 6, 2014.  Watch your postal mail for more information!
  4. The sabbatical of our Director of Lifespan Faith Development, coming up in January 2015.  Additional volunteer support will be welcome during this time.
  5. Looking at changes in elected leadership at the congregation.  The Nominating/Leadership Development Committee is working with two Board members to consider options for streamlining.
  6. Last call for tickets to the Giving Network Masquerade Ball, November 15!!  Deadline is this Wednesday, Nov. 5

If you have ideas or questions about any of the above, please ask me, or another Board of Trustees member.