Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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Make Your Own Household Cleaners Workshop

Author Avianca Bouchedid, Written Mar 24, 2016


The UUCSH Green Team Committee is offering this workshop to teach participants how to make three spray-type green cleaners (think window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, general purpose cleaner, etc.) using a few simple, available, sustainable ingredients.  Pound for pound, the cleaners you create will be cheaper, more sustainable, biodegradable, and healthier than commercially available traditional petroleum-based cleaning products. Recipes for many different cleaners, including the ones we will make together, will be provided. Come join us in some local action in support of our Seventh Principle!

When:  Sunday, April 17th, 1:30pm

Where:  UUCSH Fellowship Hall

Please Bring:  3 clean, empty 32-ounce spray bottles

Cost:  $10 to cover the cost of ingredients

RSVP:  Michelle Edgar or Rob Edgar