Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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WORSHIP: Finding Love Within When Hate Is Raging

Author Avianca Bouchedid, Written Aug 15, 2017


Please join us this Sunday, August 20th at 10:00 a.m., for a service led by Rev. Jennifer Kelleher.  Music by Dan Colodner.

After the heartbreaking events last weekend in Charlottesville, many of us are still reeling. We have been called, yet again, to resist and confront hate. Raising our voices and working against expressions of violence and injustice in our society take it’s toll. It is important in these times of struggle not to neglect our hearts and spirits. Our congregation is a place of meeting for all those who believe that love is stronger than hate. Join us this Sunday when Rev. Jennifer will lead us as we pause, check-in, sing, pray, cry, maybe even scream and seek greater avenues to regenerate for the work ahead. Whether UU or not, a religious person or not, a member of the congregation or not — if you are seeking the time and space to tend to your own dear self, amongst the rage surrounding, so you can begin again in love — you are welcome.

About our guest accompanist:  Dan Colodner is a founding member of this congregation who enjoys playing the piano for the residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Somerset County.