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Follow up to a time for all ages 15NOV15: Red A Crayon’s Story and Transgender Day of Remembrance

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Nov 23, 2015

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Thanks again to Kelly Dziak for presenting the time for all ages on Sunday November 15, 2015, with some help from Adam Ludwigsen!

In case you missed it, it was a dramatic re-telling of the story Red A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall.  In the story, a blue crayon is labeled as red.  The crayon’s assorted color peers don’t understand why the blue crayon won’t color things red, as it is labeled.  The blue crayon feels down and frustrated by all of this, until a new friend Violet asks the blue crayon to make a blue ocean.  And the blue crayon made a wonderful blue ocean- and many other wonderful blue creations!

The wondering questions were as follows:
I wonder what are labels people use to describe themselves and others?
I wonder how people feel when a label they were given, doesn’t feel right to them?
I wonder if people don’t always fit the labels available?
I wonder when we’ve been like the other crayons in the story:
-sometimes wanting to help them fit better
-sometimes being more supportive of their true self

Rev. Jennifer Kelleher also shared additional resources related to transgender identity and the transgender day of remembrance for November 20.
And a few other resources that have been circulated in response to the worship  service:
What does it mean to be intersex?

Some other books I picked up from the library related to identity, gender, sex, LGBTQ, transgender experience are as follows:
The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf
Coming Around: Parenting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Kids by Anne Dohrenwend
GLBTQ* The Survival Guide for Queer & Questioning Teens by Kelly Huegel
Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin

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