Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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Follow up to A Time For All Ages 17MAY15

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written May 20, 2015

On Sunday May 17, 2015 the time for all ages included a story about Mother Teresa- a story that Mother Teresa would tell to others.  To briefly recap, a man asks Mother Teresa to bring some food to a woman with 8 children who haven’t eaten in days.  Mother Teresa brings some rice and the woman divides the rice in half for herself and her children and then takes half to her neighbor- who is also hungry.  Mother Teresa tells the story to remind people to find those in need in your own backyard, in your own community, in your own home; and to have the courage to give out of love even when you yourself are in the midst of tough times.  That story and others can be found in:

Stories Told by Mother Teresa by Joly and Chaliha

Some other books on Mother Teresa, and caregiving in general are as follows:

Do One Nice Thing by Debbie Tenzer

The Power of Serving Others by Morsch and Nelson

How To Be A Friend to a Friend Who Is Sick by Pogrebin

A Caregiver’s Challenge by Schacht

Do Unto Otters by Keller

The Life and Times of Mother Teresa by Rice

Mother Teresa Modern Saint of the Poor by Takita

And some of the wondering questions for further reflection and action are:

I wonder how even when we need caring, we can still care for others, or at least after we have been cared for, to then “pay it forward” to someone else

I wonder if sometimes we forget to “find the poor in our own home”, in our own community- the people who live next door, our neighbors- and I wonder what we can do to change that

I wonder if sometimes we make assumptions about what type of caring a person needs, instead of asking first

I wonder if the statement “here you will be cared for and here you will be asked to care for others” can have new meaning for us from this day forward…