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Follow up to a time for all ages 22NOV15: Thanksgiving Wish

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Nov 23, 2015

Thank you to Melanie Davis- “Dr. D”- for presenting the time for all ages on Sunday November 22 on such short notice.
In case you missed it, it was an adaptation of the story Thanksgiving Wish by Michael J. Rosen.

Amanda and her family have been going to Grandma Bubbe’s for many years for Thanksgiving.  Grandma Bubbe prepares all the dishes day after day ahead of Thanksgiving.  And throughout the year, Grandma Bubbe saves up assorted sizes of wishbones from poultry so all the grandkids can make their Thanksgiving wishes with Grandma Bubbe- whoever ends up with the bigger piece of the broken wishbone, gets their wish granted- so long as they keep it a secret!

It is hard for Amanda and her whole family when the first Thanksgiving without Grandma Bubbe arrives.  As they try to recreate all of her delicious dishes, the power goes out.  With the help of kind neighbors and new friends they are able to cook all of the dishes in multiples kitchens.  But no one has saved up wishbones throughout the year, so the lone wishbone is for Amanda and their new family friend, Mrs. Yee (who is also a grandma) to carry on the wishbone tradition.

Amanda’s mother reveals that Grandma Bubbe always wished the same wish- that she would get the smaller piece because she wanted her grandchildren’s wishes to come true!

The wondering questions were as follows:
I wonder if you can identify with any of Amanda’s family’s Thanksgiving traditions and rituals?

I wonder if anyone in your family is like Grandma Bubbe?

I wonder if you have holiday gatherings that include both biological family and friends of family- “fictive kin” it’s sometimes called?

I wonder what wishes you’ve made, which ones have come true, which ones you’re still working on?

I wonder what wishes your ancestors had for you, both biological and spiritual ancestors?