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Follow up to a time for all ages 25OCT15: Bear and Duck and Who’s Behind the Mask?

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Nov 2, 2015

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UUCSH’s worship service on 25OCT15 was titled, “Who’s Behind the Mask” and began with a lively Halloween processional of children, youth, and adults who wore their costumes that day- thanks to all who really let your Halloween spirit shine!

The time for all ages was a telling of the story Bear and Duck by Katy Hudson.
Bear no longer wants to be a bear- he wants to be a duck!  Reluctantly, Duck reviews with Bear what it takes to be a Duck- building a nest and safeguarding one’s egg, swimming effortlessly, flying gracefully- none of which Bear is well-suited for doing!  Bear is quite capable of climbing trees to fetch apples among other “bear skills”.  Duck reminds Bear of what he is good at- including being a good friend to Duck.  And so Bear decides he makes a better bear than a duck.

While Bear did not wear a duck mask, Bear was trying to be something else, something Bear was not meant to be.  And for Bear to be a bear, he would be vulnerable in certain ways- just as Duck being a duck would be vulnerable.

The wondering questions were as follows:

I wonder what sort of adventures Bear and Duck embarked upon after that.

I wonder how each shared with the other what they do well, what their gifts were.

I wonder if Duck ever didn’t want to be a duck- wanted to be a bear or something else.

I wonder if we ever feel like we would rather be somebody else.

I wonder if we see what other people do well and forgot what we do well, what gifts we bring because of who we are.

I wonder how we can let go (October’s theme- what does it mean to be a people of letting go) of trying to be someone else, and be the best version of ourselves.

Other books that I perused and considered for the time for all ages were as follows:
You be You by Linda Kranz
I Don’t Want to be a Frog by Dev Petty
Only One You by Linda Kranz
The Skin You Live In by Michael Tyler
Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galloway

Although the links are to, I found all of these books via the Bridgewater Library and the Somerset County Library system!  I will try to have books I use for inspiration for the time for all ages available the Sunday of its presentation and the following Sunday.