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Follow up to a time for all ages & children’s chapel 1/3/16- Green eggs & ham & resolUUtions!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jan 27, 2016

Worship service on January 3 kicked off the monthly theme of “resistance”- what does it mean to be a people of resistance?
With that theme in mind, the time for all ages was an abbreviated re-telling of the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham.

The character Sam I am exhorts the other main character to eat some green eggs and ham, rattling off scenario after scenario in which he might partake of the colorful meal.
The creature refuses Sam I Am’s every offer until finally relenting after Sam I Am asks that it just try the green eggs and ham.  Lo and behold- it likes it!

Sometimes our outright resistance to trying new things can be keeping us from discovering something we’ll like.  And in the context of relationships, may prevent us from making new friends, building new community connections.  Granted we may not like every new food we try, and we may not become best friends with every person we meet- but at least we will have a greater understanding of someone who was once considered “other”.

The children’s chapel that followed looked at new year’s resolutions as a means by which we overcome resistance to doing things that are good for us.  Beyond whatever personal resolutions we make, the children and youth were asked to consider what “resolUUtions” they would make for 2016- resolutions specifically focused on one or more of the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles.  Like other resolutions, resolUUtions are more likely to succeed when you are accountable to others- and a congregation can help provide that accountability in living the principles more profoundly.  Check out some of the resolutions and resolUUtions children and youth noted on this display in Fellowship Hall- and feel free to add to the display!  What resolUUtions are you making for 2016?  What specifically will you do to more actively live out one of the principles?  resolUUtions