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Follow up to a time for all ages Sep 13: Higgins- A Drop with a Dream!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Oct 14, 2015

September 13 was our annual ingathering water communion service to kick off the start of a new congregational year.
The time for all ages was a reprise of a classic UU tale: Higgins- A Drop with a Dream! written by Rev. Chris Buice.  Here is a summary…

Higgins, a lone water drop, was determined to do something about the valley he lived in that had become so dry and desolate from drought.  Higgins believed the valley could be lush and green again and told other water drops of his vision- to which they all shrugged off, laughed, or dismissed as unrealistic.

Higgins was undeterred and decided to do something.  So he told all of his fellow water drops he was going to jump in the bucket and that they should join him.  He jumped in and there he sat for a while, as the other drops continued their disregard for his vision and strange thinking.

But eventually another drop decided to join Higgins, and then a few more, and then more and more until the bucket was full, and even more buckets were needed to hold all the water drops eager to join Higgins and help him realize his vision.
Moreover, a wind began to stir and grew so strong the buckets were tipped over and the waters rushed over the valley and the once dry land grew with vegetation again.

Rev. Jennifer invited us to share what one thing, one quality, one gift we bring to the world and share with this UUCSH community and write that on a drop shaped post it and affix it to a display board.  You can see that display board in fellowship hall and see how powerful a force this congregation can be when all of those gifts join together in a common vision.IMG_2774