Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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Follow up to Children’s Chapel 12/27/15- Gift giving and receiving

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jan 27, 2016

As Children’s Chapel on December 27, 2015 came shortly after a major gift giving and receiving holiday- Christmas- the children shared some of their fondest gifts received and given.  We noted what some other occasions are where people exchange gifts, give/receive gifts at different parts of the year- such as birthdays, Hannukah, celebrations.

While giving and receiving toys, games, clothing- tangible gifts that can be bought- is a lot of fun, we shifted the discussion to “intangible” gifts that can be given and received throughout the year, for celebratory reasons or no reason at all!  Such gifts are usually that of the time we “spend” with another person- lending a helping hand, a listening ear, sharing the toys and games we already have with a sibling.  See the photo below and the display in fellowship hall for some other ideas the children and youth put down.  And feel free to add a few more examples of your own via the gift box shaped templates found near the display.

What gifts that don’t cost money can you give throughout the year?  What gifts that don’t cost money do you need to receive from time to time?bigger gifts