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Follow up to children’s chapel on 08NOV15- “The Force Awakens!”

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Nov 11, 2015

After so many inspiring guest appearances over the past few Sundays from distinguished representatives of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire- such as…Jackie White Princess Leia and Wynn Schulz/Mark Allison Darth Vader- urging the congregation to do its part for the upcoming Service Auction: The Force Awakens, the children had to get in on the action!

As such, Children’s Chapel on 08NOV15 certainly felt the Force awaken.  While children of varying ages had varying knowledge of and exposure to the Star Wars saga, there was enough collective wisdom to get the gist of the series.

But is there any connection to be made from Star Wars to being a people of ancestry?!  Well… we tried our best to make the leap!

First we shared who some of our ancestors were- such as grandparents, great uncles- those of the genealogical/biological sort.  Then we considered who some of our UU spiritual ancestors were- John Murray, Sophia Lyon Fahs.  And then we imagined…who would we choose as fictional ancestors- such as the Jedi!  Didn’t it seem like the Jedi espoused UU-friendly values. like building a world galaxy that is more fair and just?!

So to make some contribution to the service auction, children helped mass produce Yoda ears and Princess Leia braided hairbuns, along with some colorful decorations.
Enjoy the Service Auction on November 21- May the Force be with you!…and a spirit of generosity for this terrific fundraiser!
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