Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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Follow up to Flower Festival 21JUN15

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jun 30, 2015

The Flower Festival worship service on June 21, 2015 brought the congregational year full circle as Rev. Jennifer had taken the blessings/hopes/wishes for the congregation people had shared at the September Water Communion worship service and turned those blessings into a bouquet of paper flowers!  IMG_2055People were also invited to share in advance how they had seen/felt those blessings manifest in their lives and the life of the congregation over this past year- some of those sentiments were read during service.IMG_1995
There was also a web of blessings on display on the back wall of the sanctuary.  It was started in a previous children’s chapel to illustrate the “invisible heart strings” that connect us all.  That web evolved to include not only the connections of people, but the connections of blessings too.  As the monthly theme of blessings comes to a close with the end of June, the web will be retired from the wall- but the blessings and connections will persist in our continued ministries to and with each other and the wider community!