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Follow up to time for all ages & children’s chapel on 1/17/16- Rosa’s Bus & Speak Up!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jan 27, 2016

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday January 18, worship service on January 17, 2016 took a different look at the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As Rev. Dr. King was one of many leaders and activists in the civil rights movement, the time for all ages told another familiar story of the civil rights movement in an unfamiliar way.  That was the story of Rosa Parks refusal to give up her bus seat for a white passenger; however, it was told via the story of the particular bus she was on that day- when it first rolled off the assembly line, its initial service in Indiana, then to Montgomery, Alabama.  In hearing the bus’s journey, the details of “just the way things used to be” for blacks and whites were illustrated.  You can read the full story and the aftermath in Rosa’s Bus.

The children’s chapel that followed was inspired by the epilogue of Rosa’s Bus as it was saved from the scrap heap, restored, and put on display in a museum as a reminder of the way things used to be, how they changed, the way things are- and the work still to be done to make the world a more fair, just, and equitable place as our sixth Unitarian Universalist Principles exhorts us to do.

As such, the children and youth did a vehicle makeover of the pop up bus tent that we’ve had on hand for many years.  Notably the four new wheels installed had the following words written on them:


Those words are from the Speak Up At School pocket guide which is a handy dandy resource for those who say, “I am a person who will speak up against bias”.  While intended for schools, it applies to many settings.  You can download the form via teaching tolerance’s website.  There are also still a number of pocket guides available for pick up in Fellowship Hall that children and youth cut out and assembled.  If you were at coffee hour on 1/17/16 you may have been handed 1 or more by an eager young helper (thanks Grace!).

The UUCSH bUUs of jUUstice

The UUCSH bUUs of jUUstice