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Follow up to time for all ages Oct 4- Letting Go and the story of Mussa and Nagib

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Oct 12, 2015

October’s worship theme is Letting Go and the time for all ages on Oct 4 was Mussa and Nagib.

Mussa and Nagib were friends on a journey together.  At one point they get into an argument and Nagib gets so angry he slaps Mussa!  (***as noted, neither UUCSH nor any of its affiliates endorses or condones physical violence as a response to disagreements!***)  Mussa writes down in sand that his best friend hit him, and the sand is soon blown away by the wind.

Later they are crossing a rushing river and Mussa begins to drown.  Nagib quickly dives in to save him.  Mussa then etches in stone that his best friend saved him from drowning.
Mussa explains that it is better to write our hurts in sand where the winds of forgiveness can easily blow them away, and to write our joys in stone where they will remain on our hearts.
You can read the full story here.

Wondering questions included…
What have been some of our own hurts and joys written in sand and stone?
Have we sometimes done the opposite of what Mussa exhorted us to do- etching the hurts in stone and the joys in sand instead of the other way around?
What are we feeling called to let go of, to let the winds of forgiveness blow away off of our hearts?

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