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Mr. Hatch and Mystery Pals!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Mar 10, 2016

On Sunday February 14, the time for all ages was a retelling of the story, Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch.
This is a great story that fits well with that Sunday being Valentine’s Day and the culmination of the Mystery Pals program.

To sum up the story, Mr. Hatch receives a Valentine’s Day card and box of chocolates but there is no name on the items, only the message, “Somebody loves you”.  Mr. Hatch, normally a very quiet and reserved individual, little known to his neighbors and co-workers, begins to open up to them after this mysterious gesture.  Until, the postman informs Mr. Hatch that the Valentine was delivered by mistake, and it was intended for someone else.  After returning to his hermit-like ways, his neighbors and co-workers come together to plan a surprise party to show their appreciation for all that he had done for them and that indeed “somebody”- everybody- loves Mr. Hatch!

The adult/youth Mystery Pals were revealed to their child/youth Matches during coffee hour.  Just as Mr. Hatch received a mysterious package, over the course of several weeks children received notes and clues from their Mystery Pal as to who they might be.  Mystery Pals brought tasty treats to share with all as they revealed their identities to their match- unless they had already figured out who they were from the clues!  In addition, everyone present helped make Valentine’s Day cards that were delivered to clients of the Resource Center of Somerset in Hillsborough NJ.  You may recall, it was a community plate recipient last year.

Here are the wondering questions for reflection from the story:
I wonder how it felt when Mr. Hatch first received the box of candy?

I wonder how it felt for Mr. Hatch to being alone so often, to being connected with his neighbors, and co-workers, and community?

Then I wonder what it felt like when he found out the box wasn’t meant for him?

I wonder if we can help each other remember, that somebody loves us, that we are always worthy of being loved, no matter what.

mystery pal reveal

Mystery Pals, Matches, and many others make Valentine’s Day cards for the Resource Center