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Mystery Pals is underway!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Feb 3, 2016

mystert pal drop boxes

drop boxes for clues & notes to mystery pals and their matches

After being delayed a week due to the snowstorm that cancelled worship service on January 24, the Mystery Pals program commenced on January 31!

Adult/youth “Mystery Pals” left “clues” for their child/youth “match” to slowly reveal their identity.  Clues are left in a drop box at the congregation’s building, sent via snail mail, or sent via email.

Child/youth matches are also welcomed and encouraged to write notes in response to the clues their mystery pals left for them.  There is also a drop box at the building or they can email their mystery pal via Mr. B as an intermediary in order to keep the mystery pals’ identity a secret until the “big reveal” celebration during coffee hour on Feb 14.

Mystery Pals is just one way the congregation fosters community connections across the generations.  While Mystery Pals only comes around once in a while, be sure to check out other opportunities to get to know members and friends who are younger/older than you are.  Perhaps an opportunity that happens most frequently are the “lunch bunches” that gather after coffee hour on many Sundays!

As the second phrase of the congregation’s new mission exhorts us to do, “engage community”, Mystery Pals helps participants engage members of our community that they may not get to know by chance.  When ages and generations are so often segregated in our daily living, making the intentional connections across ages and generations is counter-cultural!