Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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Our Holiday celebrations

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Dec 21, 2012

Another fantastic holiday pageant and now on to the rest of our end of year services:

  • December 23rd will be a series of holiday stories.  These are the shared stories that make our common community as strong as it is.
  • Christmas eve – We will again do 2 services with our cookie exchange tucked in between.  The first service will begin at 4:30 with the cookie exchange at 5:30 and the second service at 6:30.  What a lovely way to begin a family Christmas celebration.  And don’t forget to BRING COOKIES.  :)
  • December 30 we will be thinking about resolutions and goals for 2013.  What are your hopes and dreams for this community and for yourself for the upcoming year?

I hope that you have been able to keep your holidays relatively stress-free and remember to focus on the love that you give and receive from your family, friends, and this community.  Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who lives in Newtown, CT. whose son went to school with Adam Lanza.  This terrible incident reminds me to remain focused on what really matters.  If I don’t bake the perfect cookie, write the perfect card, or buy the right gift I will still have the perfect holiday with the love of this community.  I hope to see you at one of the upcoming services.  Have a wonderful holiday and know that you are loved.

UUCSH Holiday Band 2012