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Post-election resource links for families

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Nov 12, 2016

I can vaguely remember when I was 8 years old and in 3rd or 4th grade at the time, during the 1988 presidential election year.  Somehow one of the playground activities came to be, “Democrats vs. Republicans”.  I don’t remember how the game was played or what determined who won or lost.  While Gov. Mike Dukakis’ home state of Massachusetts went to the Democratic candidate, most other states went to eventual winner and president George H. W. Bush.

I certainly don’t recall the post-election atmosphere at school or society at large to have been as contentious as how things are today.  A number of religious educator colleagues have shared some resources for families as they process the election results together.  I’ve tried to retweet and repost them but wanted to gather them into one location for easier reference.

Post-election ideas for families
What to Tell Your Kids the Morning After the Election
What Do We Tell the Children
What Do We Tell the Children- an adaption for people of color
Teaching Tolerance The Day After

You may have seen these and many more in your various social media feeds.  Please continue to share them as you never know who may need to read it.