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Proposed Changes in UUCSH Elected Leadership

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Apr 1, 2015

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Dear Friends,

Please take some time to review, reflect and ask questions about the Proposed changes to elected leadership at UUCSH Jan2015 (below).  They were announced in January at the Congregational Update Meeting.  We intend to vote on this at our May 17 UUCSH Annual Meeting.

Thank you,
Nadine Kadell Sapirman
on behalf of the UUCSH Board of Trustees



The Nominating Committee, with support from members of the Board (Jim Phillips, Wynn Schulz), has developed a proposal to reduce the number of elected positions on the Board, the Nominating/Leadership Development (NOM) Committee, and the Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM).

The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the leadership and participation burden on our membership and to bring the size of our elected committees in alignment with congregations of comparable size.  We believe that this will enable us to channel our energies more effectively into supporting the mission of the congregation and to give us greater flexibility in developing the leadership potential within our congregation.

Following is a summary of the proposed changes to the composition of the Board and the two affected committees. 


  • Reduce the overall Board membership from the current 11 adult members/1 youth member to 7 adults/1 youth.  
  • The Executive Board positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and the Youth position will remain unchanged.   The number of Trustees would be reduced from seven to three.

 Nominating/Leadership Development

  • Reduce the membership of the Nominating Committee from the current 5 members to 3 members.
  • Increase term to 3 years provide continuity and focus on leadership development.
  • Ad hoc members/sub-teams will be added as needed to address leadership development needs.

 Committee on Shared Ministry

  • Reduce the membership of the Committee on Shared Ministry from the current 6 members to 4 members.  
  • The requirement that the Board, the minister and the DFLD nominate candidates for specific positions will be eliminated. NOM will work collaboratively with the leadership to select all nominees.  

 These proposed changes would reduce the overall number of elected positions by 30%, from 23 to 15.  

Transition to the reduced Trustee and Committee sizes will be accomplished through attrition and not filling existing vacancies.  A specific transition plan is in place for each affected elected position.