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Proposed Leadership Changes at UUCSH

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Feb 2, 2015

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For the past three years, UUCSH has been participating in a regional UU group of small to mid-size congregations called “Growing Stronger”.  At a Growing Stronger meeting this past fall, we were asked to share some of the challenges that our congregation is facing.  I mentioned that we have vacancies in leadership roles that we can’t seem to fill.  We currently have one open spot on each of the three elected bodies:  Board of Trustees, Nominating Committee, and Committee on Shared Ministry.

The resulting conversation and research was eye-opening.  We learned that we have many more elected positions than congregations of similar or even larger size than us–by far!  No wonder we struggle to fill these positions!  Most congregations we spoke to have a Board of Trustees with seven or nine members; ours has 12.

The Nominating Committee, with support from members of the Board (Jim Phillips, Wynn Schulz), has developed a proposal to reduce the number of elected positions on the Board, the Nominating/Leadership Development (NOM) Committee, and the Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM).

The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the leadership and participation burden on our membership and to bring the size of our elected committees in alignment with congregations of comparable size.  We believe that this will enable us to channel our energies more effectively into supporting the mission of the congregation and to give us greater flexibility in developing the leadership potential within our congregation.

Please have a look at the proposal: Proposed changes to elected leadership at UUCSH Jan2015.  It was shared at the January 25 Congregational Update Meeting.  I wanted to make sure people had a chance to review the proposal and ask questions.  You can talk to me or any Board or Nominating/Leadership Development Committee member.  Our hope is to vote on and approve these changes at the May 17 UUCSH Annual Meeting.

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