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Religious Education Classes resume January 18!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jan 15, 2015

Hooray!  Religious Education Classes for PreK thru 7th grades will resume this Sunday January 18.  The Nursery will be available for children 3 yrs old and younger.  8th9th grades Coming of Age and 8th-12th grades FLASH youth group will continue on their separate schedules.

However, volunteers, parents, children, and youth, are asked to continue with their patience and flexibility as the resumption of RE classes does not mean the Access Project is 100% complete.  There will still be some shifting of items in fellowship hall and volunteers may need some extra time to find supplies/share with their neighboring classes until everything is in its final place.

AND, it tends to be a bit cooler in fellowship hall- the plastic shield dividing fellowship hall from the construction area can only do so much for thermal retention…- so if you will be in fellowship hall for some amount of time, dress warmly, in layers, bring a coat if you have to.

Try to imagine the classrooms being laid out as follows:
If you are standing in fellowship hall with your back to the flatscreen tv…

the first walled room to your right is the Nursery
the second walled room is the 1st-3rd grades
the third walled room is 6th7th grades (will eventually become DLFD office)
the first partitioned space to your left is the PreKK class (will eventually become 6th7th, and PreKK will go into what is now the temporary minister/DLFD office
the second partitioned space is the 4th5th class

There will likely be a third partitioned area to contain remaining supplies still in storage until a better home can be found for them.  Classrooms will have their signs displayed accordingly.

Upcoming Sunday formats are as follows:
Jan 18: RE Classes
Jan 25: RE Classes
Feb 1: RE Classes
Feb 8: Children’s Chapel (including some yoga for kids and Guest At Your Table-related activities)
Feb 15: RE Classes
Feb 22: Children’s Chapel (to be finalized- could be activities from multi-gen curricula Wisdom from Hebrew Scriptures or some activities by Mission Development Task Force)
Mar 1: RE Classes
Mar 8: RE Classes
Mar 15: RE Classes
Mar 22: RE Classes
Mar 29: RE Classes
Apr 5: Multi-generational Worship Service
Apr 12: RE Classes
Apr 19: RE Classes
Apr 26: RE Classes

Again, Coming of Age and FLASH have slightly different schedules, please check their respective sign up geniuses and all class sign up geniuses for more detailed information.  And please sign up to help wherever and whenever you can!

Thank you to so many UUCSH members and friends working diligently behind the scenes and out in front to shepherd the Access Project to this point.  While a fully accessible building was the primary goal, the bonus of walled classrooms for better sound proofing and confidentiality is a major upgrade- as I’m sure many children, youth, and volunteers will soon appreciate!