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Religious Education is off and running- come on and join the fun!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Oct 3, 2013

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Religious Education classes began Sep 15 and what a buzz of energy abounding in fellowship hall these past few weeks!  If you still haven’t registered your child/youth, please do so here.  (paper registrations available by request as well)
Many RE volunteers have been leading and assisting in these classes.  If we are to keep the RE momentum going, some more volunteers are needed to help balance out the teaching rotations for each class.  Here are the specific needs:

Nursery- 3 volunteers (to help alongside paid caregivers)
PreKK- 2 assistants
1st2nd- 1 lead and 2 assistants
3rd4th- 1 assistant
5th6th- 1 lead and 1 assistant
7th8th- the Neighboring Faiths class is exploring many religious traditions.  If you would like to share on a religious tradition you grew up in or are passionate about, please let me know and we can see about arranging you as a “guest presenter”.
Children’s Chapel- 4 helpers (we are looking to have volunteers specifically focused on chapel days rather than just using the same volunteers on the RE Class teams.  This is a great opportunity for some multi-age creativity!)
To register as a volunteer click here.
Paper registration forms are available upon request.

If you are unsure about committing to a specific teaching team, but can help with different teams on various dates, please sign up here for individual dates.

There will also be a dry erase board in the foyer on Sunday mornings indicating what the format for the day is (RE Classes, Children’s Chapel, Multi-gen) and who is volunteering in which class- volunteer gaps will be noted on the board.  Please help if you can.
If the online sign up isn’t your preferred method, each RE Class will have a print out of the schedule with spaces to write in when you can lead or assist.  The RE Team Schedule Coordinator or Mr. B will input that info into the online sign up.

Remember, each class PreK thru 7th8th Neighboring Faiths uses curriculum with the lesson plan fully laid out. In fact, the curricula are designed for about an hour’s worth of activity yet we typically only have about 30-40 minutes of class time between when time for all ages ends and service ends. So usually, there is plenty to choose from for each RE Class.

As an assistant you can simply show up and help the lead teacher in any way needed.
As a lead teacher you review the lesson plan and set up class accordingly- if you need specialty supplies let Mr. B know or buy them yourself and request reimbursement.

The RE Vision Team is also planning ongoing volunteer development and support sessions- for newer and older volunteers alike- to help prepare for class, review helpful skills and classroom management techniques.  There will be an “RE Volunteer Check-in” on Sunday October 6 at 11:45 a.m. in the sanctuary.

We would also like to connect newer volunteers with more experienced volunteers/teachers in an RE mentor/RE buddy kind of arrangement for support and check in.
With such support, we would like to help more volunteers feel comfortable and confident in being both a lead and assistant, taking turns in each role, so no one volunteer feels overwhelmed by always being the lead teacher.
Per UUCSH’s safe congregation policy, we need two adults in each RE Class- for the safety of children, adults, and improved classroom management. If a second adult is still needed by Sunday morning, we will ask a parent that day to be the second adult present.

The Religious Education Vision Team and I thank you for your support of Religious Education for Children and Youth!