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Rutgers Take Back the Night and Standing on the Side of Love

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 20, 2015

As I and others have explored the possibility of a Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry on or near Rutgers University New Brunswick, the synergy of RU-related justice activities and UU principles has held some appeal as a point of entry.

As such, I noted this upcoming “Take Back the Night” event taking place this Wednesday April 22, starting at 6:30 p.m.
Information on the Take Back the Night can be found via Facebook here.
You can RSVP for the Take Back the Night event here.

Because parking on or near Rutgers University can, ahem…, be somewhat challenging, I discovered a handy dandy way for visitors to get temporary parking passes.
Here is the link for the parking website.  I’m planning to park on Douglass as I think that will get me close enough to where event starts.

While forecast is calling for rain, I’ll be showing up in support of the event, donning my Standing on the Side of Love shirt.  If you’re able to come out and want to try and connect, I’ll have my cell phone with me- 908-217-2013.
Below is a cut and paste of what is posted on facebook page:

Join us on April 22nd as we SPEAK OUT against sexual and gendered violence and empower survivors in our community!


At 6:30 PM we will have a rally in Jameson Courtyard on the Douglass Campus with free food, a live DJ, games, giveaway, and more!

At 8 PM we will start the march! We’ll go all the way down George Street, one of the main streets in New Brunswick, and march straight onto Voorhee’s Mall (right off of Hamilton St).

9 PM starts the SPEAK OUT where people are welcome to speak or perform. Sign up via the registration link.

10 PM We rock out with a concert featuring all female or non-gender conforming bands!

If you are interested in being invloved in planning the march, whether you are part of a group or an individual, we would love to have you!

Please come to our meetings at Tuesdays at 9 PM in the Douglass Women’s Center.

If you can’t make it to the meetings, email us at

This event is free and open to the public.