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Rutgers UU campus ministry exploration update

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Aug 26, 2015

While the late summer/early fall of the 2014-15 congregational year brought interest and ideas around bringing/increasing Unitarian Universalism’s presence and impact in and around the Rutgers University New Brunswick campuses, things slowed down over the winter holidays and as I went on sabbatical and then paternity leave.

With many exciting things happening at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills, my attention to Rutgers UU campus ministry exploration will be limited.  However, I am happy to hear via The Unitarian Society in East Brunswick that a small but repeat attending contingent of RU students/young adults is taking shape.  Based on the interests of that group, I and other RU allies can support them as best we can.

Some things that can still continue to happen…
1. Affiliated Congregation status- UUCSH is renewed as an affiliated congregation with RU which at least makes it visible and available for students to find if they are in search of religious homes within the area.

2. One time events- while there is not the staff-lay leadership combination at this time to commit to recurring activities, regular presence at RU, events that are “one and done” may still be doable.  Such as making connections at the Student Involvement Fair on Monday September 7 from 12 noon to 4 p.m.  Or social justice events where UUs can bring a Standing on the Side of Love presence.  I will also re-post updated links to mindfulness meditation drop-in sessions that are offered on various campuses during the week.

3. Facebook page– it still exists though has not gotten much activity of late.  Please like it, share it, pass it along.  And if you have ideas, events, activities- by all means let it be known via Facebook page!

4. Virtual small group ministry- via the UUA Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministry, YA/CM program associate Rev. Annie Gonzalez-Milliken has organized young adult and campus ministry leaders (would-be leaders too) to participate in ~monthly conference call/online small group ministry sessions for sharing and support.  I signed up to participate so as to keep the ideas coming!

All are welcome to help keep nurturing the small flame of Unitarian Universalism burning at RU until it can burst into the full flames of its potential!