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SignUp Genius compilation

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Oct 9, 2013

As mentioned in my previous blog post and in my announcement before worship service this past Sunday October 6, volunteer opportunities in religious education will be posted on a dry erase board in the foyer, printed schedules on RE classrooms, and various “SignUp Geniuses” online.
You may have noticed there has been quite a proliferation of UUCSH-related SignUp Geniuses…  With increasing practice and familiarity, it is becoming a helpful tool in scheduling events, scheduling volunteers, and sending automatic reminders to those who sign up.  There is also a format specifically for potluck events so people can indicate their RSVP and what dish they are bringing.
Here are the UUCSH SignUp Geniuses I am aware of, starting with Religious Education ones:
Nursery Caregiver schedule
PreK through 7th8th Neighboring Faiths, 9th-12th FLASH Youth Group and Children’s Chapels schedule
7th8th Our Whole Lives schedule
A Time For All Ages presenters and Sunday Supervisors schedule
Children’s Snack Table schedule

And some other congregational SignUps:
UUCSH Sunday Board Duties
Chalice Lighting for Worship Services
Pastoral Visitor Learning Session
Membership Table and Sunday Buddy

Please note, that 9th-12th grade youth are welcome to help in Nursery and RE Classes and Chapels for children in 5th6th grade class or younger.  They are also welcome to sign up for chalice lighting and/or reading, or help Mr. B produce and present a time for all ages.
As the SignUp Geniuses for Religious Education are updated, I will also update the dry erase board and printed schedules to keep them as accurate as possible.  Thank you for your help!

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