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Social Justice Youth Training Opportunity

Author Avianca Bouchedid, Written Mar 19, 2013

The UU College of Social Justice is advancing our mission to engage the next generation of Unitarian Universalists.

This summer, we’re offering our National Youth Justice Training (NYJT) program (, building on the success of our summer 2012 youth training. NYJT is a transformative three-week experience for high-school-aged youth. It will be held in Boston, Mass., June 30–July 21, 2013. The program will include interactive social justice education and real-world internships, grounded in Unitarian Universalist values and practices.

Apply today through our online application or forward this e-mail to a young person in your life who is committed to justice. We are accepting applications now through April 15.

Youth will learn about systems of race, class, gender, and heterosexism; build the skills to do effective social justice work; and serve in an internship with one of many justice organizations here in Boston. Participants will connect their learning and action to Unitarian Universalist values, explore our robust history of UU social justice work, and be sustained by spiritual practices and vibrant worship.

NYJT is for young people who are newly inspired to take action against the injustices of our world as well as for seasoned social justice youth leaders. Join us!


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